MÁY HÀN MIG KEMPPI X3 400/500
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      Suitable for gas-cooled MIG/MAG welding and carbon arc gouging, the X3 MIG Welder is a smart investment for professional welders. It is packed with energy-efficient inverter technology and delivers up to 500 A at a 60% duty cycle. The system includes several special functions for fine-tuning the start and end of your welds. The X3 MIG Welder’s stable arc guarantees high-quality welds, even with inexpensive CO2 shielding gas.

      Designed and manufactured in Finland, the X3 MIG Welder is a durable choice for tough welding conditions, whether you work at a construction site, shipyard, or metal fabrication workshop. The system’s wire feeder features a fully enclosed and impact-resistant dual-skin cabinet to protect the wire spool and feed mechanism. The simple two-knob control panel is easy to use and isn’t afraid of rough handling.


      • Powerful system for gas-cooled MIG/MAG welding and carbon arc gouging
      • Built with reliable and energy-efficient IGBT inverter technology
      • Connects to any 380-440 V 3-phase mains supply
      • A 110-volt auxiliary voltage supply is available for an optional CO2shielding gas heater
      • Accepts a wide range of wire diameters from 0.8 up to 1.6 mm, and with cored wires up to 2.0 mm
      • Excellent arc stability reduces spatter and the need for post-weld grinding
      • Special functions available for fine-tuning the start and end of welds
      • Simple user interface with presets for Argon/CO2 or pure CO2shielding gas
      • Wire inch function is included as standard
      • Clear presentation of welding parameters on a large back-lit LCD display
      • Lightweight and easy to move, optional wheel sets available


      The X3 MIG Welder’s MIG/MAG process has been carefully tuned to give the arc outstanding stability, which makes it easy to manage and creates a minimum amount of spatter – also when using inexpensive CO2 shielding gas. When the need for post-weld grinding is reduced, welders can focus on productive welding.


      The X3 Power Source weighs less than similar equipment and delivers powerful welding performance without any compromises on quality. Ergonomically positioned handles and optional wheel sets facilitate the system's easy transfer from one site to another. The less valuable production time is used to move hardware, the more productive your welding will be.

      Đặc điểm kỹ thuật

      X3 Power Source




      Mains connection voltage 3~ 50/60 Hz


      380 – 440 V (-10…+10 %)

      380 – 440 V (–10…+10 %)

      Open circuit voltage


      52 – 57 V

      57 – 62 V



      25 A

      32 A


      60 % ED

      400 A / 34 V

      500 A / 39.0 V


      100 % ED

      310 A / 29 V

      390 A / 33.5 V

      Welding current and voltage range


      25 A/15 V - 400 A/38V

      25 A/15 V - 500 A/43 V

      Operating temperature range


      -20…+40 °C

      -20…+40 °C

      EMC class




      Degree of protection


      IP 23S

      IP 23S

      External dimensions L x W x H


      629 x 230 x 414 mm

      629 x 230 x 414 mm



      IEC 60974-1

      EC 60974-10

      IEC 60974-1

      EC 60974-10


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