Welding machines repair service
      -With experienced and high-qualified technicians, Amcotech offers customers repair services as well as recovery and upgrade services of metal welding/cutting equipment in Vietnam in the shortest time with the suitable price.
      -Every product visiting Amcotech is being checked carefully before getting back to clients to bring the satisfaction.
      -Besides, we can design as well as fix soldering, automatic/semiautomatic soldering line, welding manipulator, cleaning machine, circuits for spot/seam welder, TIG, MIG, MAG upon customers’ request.  

      Types of machine
      - Welding machines with Inverter & Thyrister technology.
      - Stick, TIG, CO2/MAG, automatic welding machine, spot/seam welder, Plasma cutting machine,…

      Methods-To big equipment, we will check directly and inform repair price at the factory before receiving the equipment.
      -To small ones, please bring to Amcotech Company

      -Upon the damage of equipment, consultants will contact customers after receiving products.

      Please contact us directly for more details.